What Are Some Of The News Stories For Tuesday In Las Vegas Nevada?


Las Vegas on this Tuesday afternoon is about as lively as it always is, and it never stops. What surprised me was the top Las Vegas news story on one website was all about avoiding the stress of post office shipping during the holidays. It is Christmastime after all, and you might not want to stand in line at the post office if you don’t have to, that’s for sure. Still, what’s going on in Vegas that pertains only to the city?

This story is going to inspire you, and it’s so nice that it actually comes from Las Vegas. It is about a man dressed as Santa Claus helping a little girl. What did he do? He helped her wish of going to Disneyland become true. Another Christmastime story coming out of Vegas is about a woman with 8 kids who received the furniture she needed. Those are the types of news stories you like to see for sure.

There is a news headline about new flights servicing routes to Sao Paulo, Brazil becoming available. There is also an encouraging report about the flu season for this year. While the flu is running rampant as always throughout this time of year, it has been reported that Nevada isn’t a state that has been so heavily hit. If you live in Las Vegas, hopefully that encouraging flu report finds you good and well going into Christmas.

On a sad note, a Las Vegas legend is no longer with us. Are you familiar with Keely Smith? She was a famous jazz vocalist, and she has passed away at the age of 89 years old. The news in Las Vegas continues as it always will, but it is time to end this segment. There were some very inspirational news stories this time around.